A little bit about us

Sideshow Annie Costume Parlour is the creation of Midnite Velvet (Melanie)- a seamstress, stylist and performer. Tucked away in a small studio in Carlton North, Melbourne, you may have walked past the Parlour without even realising it was there.

The pretty accessories adorning the shelves in the quaint studio are available for you to purchase via the online web store. In the centre of the room is a large table for making patterns and custom made accessories and wigs adorn the cupboards above the antique sewing machine used to create them.

You can be a vintage flapper, a pin-up sailor, a voluptuous burlesque vixen or anything your burlesque heart desires. Perfect for those needing costumes for hens nights, birthdays, farewells, burlesque performance and pin-up photography shoots in and around Melbourne. Browse the collections of our online store and you will find many amazing treasures to make your night extra special.
If the item you adore is out of stock, send Midnite an email to sideshowannie[at]gmail.com, and she will order it in for you.

Midnite also likes to visit vintage markets and car shows and bring all the pretty accessories along, so keep an eye out for a Sideshow Annie stall at an event near you.

(A pic of the home studio early 2013 when Sideshow Annie used to do costume hire. We no longer offer this service)

The Australian Burlesque Name Registry

This is a registry of names already in use across Australia for burlesque/variety show performance.

You can list your burlesque name and details by using the form at the bottom of this page.  Listing your stage name on the Australian Burlesque Name Registry does not provide you with legal protection, however please make sure your information is correct and true, and can be proved if contacted by another burlesque performer- including the date of first use.

If you are just starting out in performance and trying to choose a burlesque name, it is advised that you also check to see if a name is in use by using Google search and facebook search. It may already be in use by a major burlesque performer in another country, which should be a consideration when choosing names as that particular performer may choose to tour to Australia one day.

To register, you must have a valid website or facebook fanpage address. Those who don’t will be removed from the register. This is to prevent ‘holding’ or ‘reserving’ of stage names for future use. If you are serious about using the name for stage performance you should be able to back it up with networking tools such as these.

We also advise creating yourself an email address that is specifically for your stage persona interactions such as ‘yourburlesquename@gmail.com’ as this register is available to the public eye. If you use your personal email address, the information may be used to trace your personal name which you may not necessarily want the public to know.

Our Friends and Favourites

At Sideshow Annie we believe sharing is caring! Here are the things we love the most and we highly recommend you check them out too!

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Relic Imagery

Relic Imagery

Mandy Campbell is absolutely lovely to work with and very talented- especially with natural light photography. She has taken a lot of the photos that appear in our costume hire galleries. Thank you Mandy!


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